Winter 2024-2025

Winter is the best season of the year

What's is best about Finnish winter holiday?
Northern lights, dark sky, winter activities, skiing, sauna, frozen lake, ice-fishing,
making snow angels and snowman, blue moments and have lot of experiences and happy memories.
– it's all here and more.

From guesthouse to guesthouse cross country skiing

Set out for a tour by ski to the idyllic countryside of North Karelia. Snow, white forests and frozen lakes; February and March are the best times of the year for skiing in North Karelia.
The sun is shining, the snow glistens, the frozen lakes and hills are covered with a thick coat of snow.

Winter Experience Week in Arctic Lakeland

Welcome to Arctic Lakeland. Area is surrounded by ancient forests and crystal clear lakes, this is a winter wonderland nestled in some of the deepest snow in Finland. With nothing but unspoilt nature as far as the eye can see, Kuhmo is perfect for wilderness and activity adventures. 

Slow Active Week With the Beautiful Colors of the Polar Night

Finland's early winter at its most authentic, soft ligth and changing winter darkness, northern lights and the colors of snow or autumn ground cover.

Winter package in the Kiviniemi farm

Multi activity week in Koli and The National Park

Winter adventures in South Karelia

Introduction to cross-country skiing, Husky sleigh ride and visit to a husky farm Lappeenranta, Sliding skis excursion (Discover Saimaa), Guided...

Vaikko Magical Wilderness Winter Fun, Snow, Stars/Northern Lights and Darkness


Winter vacation at Guesthouse & Wilderness Resort


Private Winter Escape Tour across Finland from west to east

Round trip from the west coast of Finland to eastern Finland and back. There is a lot to see and experience along the way. You stay in high-quality...

Slow Down and Enjoy Winter

Are you stressed and exhausted? So, slow down and make your best winter holiday ever.

Family Winter Farm holiday in Finland Lakeland Saimaa 8 days


Find your happiness

Are you stressed and exhausted?

The Heart of Winter

The heart of winter and the beautiful colours of the polar night

Winter Wildlife Watching Tour 


Welcome to Winter Fun Week in Hyvärilä Resort


Winter Adventures in North Karelia

The winter landscape is like a postcard. Welcome to North Karelia to experience the best winter activities and have your best holiday ever.