Winter vacation at Guesthouse & Wilderness Resort

Winter vacation at Guesthouse & Wilderness Resort

Laitalantie 85, 75710 Karhunpää

Winter vacation at Guesthouse & Wilderness Resort

Welcome to Metsäkartano and guesthouse Laitalan Lomat, your gateway to the wilderness of Finland's Lakeland district! Laitala situated in Nurmes and Mestäkartano situated in the heart of Rautavaara, both offers a unique opportunity to escape into the tranquil beauty of Finnish nature, right at the doorstep of Tiilikkajärvi National Park. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our ancient forests and clean waters, where the air is pure, and the silence speaks volumes. Here, amidst the rustling trees and vast horizons, you'll find a profound sense of peace and connection to nature unlike anywhere else. 

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that your stay harmonizes with the environment, allowing you to experience the wilderness with care.
Discover the perfect blend of tranquillity, local flavors, and adventure at Metsäkartano. Whether you seek serene relaxation or exhilarating experiences, our retreat offers it all. Engage in self-discovery or bond with loved ones amidst nature's embrace. Venture through the sparkling terrain on cross-country skis and create captivating Finnish light art and paintings. Experience the timeless ritual of traditional sauna ceremonies, where flickering flames and fragrant steam offer a moment of pure bliss. For a refreshing thrill, plunge into the invigorating rush of ice swimming, where the icy waters awaken your senses and reveal nature's awe-inspiring wonders.
Discover the best of wintery Metsäkartano and make one incredible memory after another.

Welcome to Guesthouse Laitalan Lomat. 
- Transportation from airport Kajaani, Kuopio or Joensuu.
Karelian dinner
Evening sauna

2. Day
Snowshoeing in the woods nearby. Nice and quiet trip, observing animal footprints in the snow, learning about Finnish nature. 
Freetime to relax 
Evening sauna with Hot Tup

3. Day
Baking Karelian pasties together 
Karelian pasties, a quintessential Karelian food, consist of a thin rye dough filled with rice porridge, barley porridge, mashed potato or vegetables. The Karelian pasty has been given traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG) status by the European Union. 
Trasfer to Metsäkartano Wilderness Resort. 
-Distance 38 km.

4. Day 
Arrival and Introduction to Metsäkartano
Arrival and Welcome Greeting
Accommodation Check-in: Settle into accommodation at Metsäkartano. Explore the facilities, common areas, and serene surroundings at your leisure. 
Welcome Dinner at Lodge Restaurant
Orientation: Brief overview of the week’s schedule and activities. Light hike around the area to get familiar with the surroundings
Sauna: Enjoy complimentary sauna access in your accommodation to unwind after your journey.                                                    
 5 Day 
Embracing Finnish Traditions & Light Art
Cross-country Skiing: Experience the traditional Finnish way of exploring the snow-covered landscape. Embrace the tranquillity as you glide on your skis, immersing yourself in the serene beauty of nature. Let the crisp air awaken your senses, and with each stride, feel a deeper connection with the pristine wilderness, becoming one with nature.
Ice Swimming and Lakeside Sauna: Experience the cozy embrace of our Lakeside sauna, then take an exhilarating dip in the icy waters or craft snow angels in the powder snow! Feel the rush as your senses awaken, then return to the sauna's comforting warmth, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.                              This revitalizing experience is complemented by a sauna basket with a curated selection of local sauna delicacies, adding a touch of indulgence to your retreat.        The sauna basket includes Metsäkartano’s Elderflower Mead, 1 piece of Alder Smoked Winter Night Griller Sausage / Vegan option available upon request, randmother's Spicy Mustard, Rye Chips from Rautavaara Bakery with Nettle Pesto Spread. 
Free Time: Take a moment to relax and savor the adrenaline rush.
Finnish Light Art and Painting: Learn the basics and transform into a Nordic light artist. Illuminate the darkening landscape by designing your own unique light artwork in the enchanting forest. Paint mesmerizing light shapes into the air, capturing these precious moments.

6 Day
Husky Sledding experience
Husky Sledding: Enjoy a thrilling 6 km husky sled ride through the beautiful winter landscape. This unforgettable experience combines the thrill of speed with the serene beauty of the wilderness, offering a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity. Let the huskies guide you on this magical journey.
Peat Hut Snack Lunch: Gather around an open fire at the Peat Hut for a memorable snack lunch.
Free Time:
- Relax, or experience the thrill of sledding down a hill, indulge in the fun of kick sledding, or unleash your creativity with snow art.
Sauna and the Healing World of Herbs: Immerse yourself in the ancient healing tradition of our sauna, enhanced with an herbal foot bath and guided relaxation. Learn about the therapeutic benefits of herbs while you relax in the comforting warmth of our Lakeside sauna.
Finnish Menu Dinner with Hölökynkölökyn: A traditional Finnish menu will be served. Raise your glass and join us in a spirited toast to good times with the infectious cheer of "hölökynkölökyn!" Capture the moment with a group photo to cherish.                                                                                                                     
7 Day
Free Time: Relax and prepare for departure.
Check-Out: Fond farewells and departure.

Price starting from: 1480€ per person for a minimum group size of 6 people. | Single room supplement: + 30€/day
Included Services: Accommodation, meals, a glass of sparkling wine, sauna basket, 2 x Lakeland sauna sessions with access to an ice swimming hole, and guided sessions  (cross-country skiing, light art & painting, altai skiing, sauna & healing world of herbs).Husky Sledding.