Art, Craft and Festival Week in North Karelia

Art, Craft and Festival Week in North Karelia

Salmenkyläntie 81, 75500 Nurmes

Craft, Art and Festival Week in North Karelia 7.-16.8.2024

- Find your great crafting skills and discover your amazing craft skills and learn more and new things. During the week you will learn many different ways to make crafts. We will also go on the Old town and Wool -Festival and have a nature trip and learn more about Karelian craft culture. During the week we will also get to taste Karelian dishes.
Welcome to an all-inclusive craft experience!

Tour highlights:

  • Local local handicraft culture
  • Pure nature
  • Local way of live
  • Local pure food
  • Sustainable travel


1 Day 7.8.2024
Arrival at the guesthouse. Dinner and getting to know the program.

2. Day 8.8.2024
Raku firing day part 1.
We make our own ceramics in the workshop.

3. Day 9.8.2024
Paint & wine
What a lovely relaxing day with a painting and a glass of wine. 
Take clothes with you to the workshop that won't bother you with small paint stains. In my workshops, you can paint either at the table or sitting on the floor. You can also bring a pillow or yoga mat with you if you want to work at floor level. You can take the artwork with you at the end of the workshop. The size of the painting is (27 x 35 cm). In the middle of the old town there is unique Wool Festival, full of unique yarns, knitting and crafts

4. Day 10.8.2024
Wool Festivals and Open Doors in Vanha Kauppala (Old town)
In the heart of Nurmes you can find the protected and historically valuable Puu-Nurmes (Wooden Nurmes) and Vanha Kauppala (Old town). The majority of the area’s buildings dates from the 1880s to the 1930s. Therefore Puu-Nurmes is known as one of the best-preserved wooden house areas in Finland. The area is characterized by steep streets, lakeviews and birch alleys.

warmly welcome you to visit their homes and gardens on Saturday 10th of August in the event of open doors in Puu-Nurmes and Vanha Kauppala (old town) Meet the locals, have a cup of coffee at their pop-up-cafés and -restaurants. The community of Vanha Kauppala has organized music, secondhand shops and programs to have a hearty event in their neighbourhood. In the middle of the old town there is a unique Wool Festival, full of unique yarns, knitting and crafts.

5. Day 11.8.2024
Diving in the wool festival day part 2
Workshops and work shows at the Festival.

6. Day 12.8.2024
We Get to Know Birch Bark  
Crafts from birch bark workshop day. Let's learn to make, for example, jewelry make by birch bark, baskets…

7. Day 13.8.2024
Forest walking and Forest Macrame on the shore of lake Pielinen.
Welcome to learn the basics of macrame technique and enjoy the beautiful forest and lake nature of Nurmes in a new and unique way! 
In the afternoon visit Karelia village and Karelian House Bomba.

8. Day 14.8.2024Visit to the local craft shop.
In the shop we have workshops for various crafts taught by the shop owner Tanja.

9. Day 15.8.2024
Raku firing day part 2.
Firing and glazing of our ceramic works at the workshop.

10. Day 16.8.2024
Time to say goodbye - hei, hei.

Available: 7.-16.8.2024
Duration: 9 nights, 10 days
Group: 4 persons, max 14 persons.
Language: Finnish or English

Price: From 2600€/person
The price includes: Accommodation double room, full board, )breakfast, lunch and dinner) Sauna every evening, all programs and supplies you need for crafts, transportation from airport Kuopio/Joensuu/Kajaani or Train Station and inside the week.