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Sustainable travel principles of Äksyt Ämmät

10 Sustainable travel principles of Äksyt Ämmät

  1. Äksyt Ämmät calculates the carbon footprint of their business trips and the carbon footprint of their flying guests in order to estimate the amount that is required for carbon offsetting. The emissions are offset in high-quality climate protection projects through For example in 2019 „New energy in Nepal”. The projects reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, thus directly protecting the climate. However, climate protection projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, they also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well. Explore the possibilities of offsetting your flight emissions!
  2. Äksyt Ämmät belongs to the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve. North Karelia Biosphere Reserve seeks to improve the overall relationship between North Karelians and their environment by promoting the exchange and transfer of ideas and knowledge on sustainability as well as creating awareness that helps the inhabitants to focus more on sustainable solutions. All activities are aimed at creating regional sustainable development solutions for better economy and the environment.
  3. Äksyt Ämmät has been awarded as Visit Finland; The top entrepreneur in sustainable development, 2017. Äksyt Ämmät is a member of a German "responsible travel " society of tour operators and travel agencies called Forum Anders Reisen. Äksyt Ämmät is certified with TourCert diploma. We have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland. We have undergone the STF programme and fulfilled the criteria. We are proud to belong to the group of companies who take sustainability seriously!
  4. Äksyt Ämmät works together with many local societies and companies and makes voluntarily work for example in the local unemployment association.  Internationally Äksyt Ämmät is a member of Responsible Travel. Take a look at our partners on the webpage; About us.
  5. Äksyt Ämmät has an own guesthouse called Pihlajapuu. The recycling and ecological purchases have been guiding lines in all activities at the guesthouse. For example compost is used in the soil of peppermint and chocolate mint fields. In the rooms there are baskets for paper garbage but the guesthouse kitchen is the actual centre of recycling. Ask for more information!
  6. In the guesthouse you’ll get home made jams, baked rolls, oat cookies and crisp bread but of course almost everything else is home made of local or organic ingredients. Berry juices are also typical and in the summer you can also enjoy a refreshing beverage made from black currant or rowan berry leaves. We offer local elk meat. The freezers are full of blue berries, strawberries, rasberries and lingon berries. Mr Tarmo brings us fish and Mr Pauli dried mushrooms. We make joint shopping of organic ingredients with other guesthouses. Some of the vegetables and fruits come from Minna’s parents. There are also products of local brewery to buy in the guesthouse. We recommend the „Angry old women’s“ beer. We sell organic red and white wines. Jaana and Saija bring us some knitted souvenirs to purchase.Aki's honey is produced on his farm in the other side of Viemenjärvi Lake.
  7. We prefer muscle power programmes as far as we can do here in North Karelia with long distances. The product family of from guesthouse to guesthouse tours takes the guests to skiing, biking and canoeing. We pick up our guests with group transfer from/to nearest airport or railway station. 
  8. You can also save electricity and water in the guesthouse. Ask for more information. The welcoming information leaflet and house rules give you more information. We use the eco and vegan Ole Hyvä detergent. The Ecological, lovely Finnish Ole Hyvä – detergents clean gently but effectively both Your home and body. The mild, gentle scents of our products are derived from genuine etheric oils. All the ingredients are 100% plant based, biodegradable, environment friendly and vegan.
  9. Äksyt Ämmät uses local guides to guide their groups. The guides are professionals and will tell you stories of the local history, culture and people. The chief guide Minna and the hostess Kirsi are also educated guides and can for example take you to the tour around Lake Pielinen.
  10. Äksyt Ämmät offers the guests different kind of tours. Over 15 years Vision Outdoor has brought visually impaired persons to the guesthouse for skiing and snowshoeing tours in winter and for canoeing and hiking tours in summer. Äksyt Ämmät has also organized over 20 years tours for women only. Everybody from infants to seniors are invited to overnight at our guesthouse. You can also take your pets with you! Welcome to spend an unforgettable holiday at ours!

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