Jääkärintie 88, Kasarmi 2, 80790 Kontiolahti

Vaara Sport
We focus on the essentials to create the best possible visit for our guests!
What a successful holiday experience offers:
• Unforgettable memories
• Authentic experiences
• Fun activities together
• Good food and treats
• And much, much more!
A holiday is at its best one of the highlights of the year and stays in memories throughout life. Vaara Sport provides excellent conditions for organizing various holiday experiences. The diverse surrounding nature, fantastic sports opportunities, and the high-quality program services offered by our partners enable a memorable experience. We can arrange various activities from wilderness skills and fishing to winter sports or short workout session during a break between meetings. During the summer season, we also offer stand-up paddleboards and canoes.
Our location on the former military base in Kontioranta, on the shores of Lake Höytiäinen offers historical atmosphere and stunning landscapes. Our premises include a heritage site where you can learn about the history of the Kontioranta garrison.
In our accommodation, we have invested in exceptionally comfortable beds, with sleeping places for up to 70 people. Our facilities are suitable for various meetings and conferences, as well as family gatherings and parties.
Our shared spaces include several meeting rooms, which also work well as group workspaces, as well as a game and leisure room. Additionally, washing machines and drying facilities, as well as free Wi-Fi, are available.
Our lovely hostess prepares delicious and diverse meals from breakfast to dinner and evening snacks. We use clean, locally produced ingredients. There is always plenty of food, and meals are scheduled to fit the timetable. Our food is simple yet balanced and always home cooked. We tailor the meals according to customers' preferences, considering any special requests or diets.
Vaara Sport provides excellent opportunities for nature and sports activities. Welcome to explore and enjoy the best active holiday!