A nature and wellness holiday in Koli National Park area

A nature and wellness holiday in Koli National Park area

Salmenkyläntie 81, 75500 Nurmes

Min 6 persons
Max 15 persons

A nature and wellness holiday in Koli National Park

- Let's the make best summer memories on the island of Tarina-Aho

Tarina-Aho is a unique holiday destination on an island in Lake Pielinen, in the middle of the Koli national landscape. Our yard consists of three traditional log buildings, which were originally made by hand in North Karelia and were later moved to Kelvänsaari.  

For us, Tarina-Aho is a place that combines nature, Lake Pielinen, peace of mind, the simplicity of things and the North Karelian tradition and hospitality.  Arriving at Tarina-Aho is like a trip back in time - busy everyday life and worries remain on the mainland as you board the boat. 

We want to offer our guests the most unhurried experience in the middle of nature, which is why we have tried to make every visit as special just for you.

8. - 16.6.2024
10.- 17.8.2024
24. - 30.8.2024
min 6 max 10


1 day

Arrival date pickup from train and  arrival at Tarina-Aho crossing the Pielinen lake.
A non-alcoholic welcome drink awaits participants immediately upon check-in. After settling in the rooms, I will be happy to tell the story and history of Tarina-Aho while presenting the area. Depending on the time of arrival, there are either daytime coffees or dinner, which contains plenty of vegetables and local food. We end the day relaxing by the lake and enjoying a traditional, atmospheric wooden sauna, after which we retire to our own rooms for a good night's sleep.

2 day
Lake Pielinen

We start the day with breakfast in the main building of Kuusela - Tarina-Aho, after which we go on a day trip to Iso-Korppi. We cross lake Pielinen with canoes, which can easily accommodate 2 people +a bag for the trip. It is less than 5 kilometers to Iso-Korppi, so the travel time should be less than an hour. We take the ingredients from Tarina-Aho with us for a comprehensive lunch experience in the national park. We prepare lunch on an open fire (weather permitting, also includes a camping stove) while enjoying the wonderful scenery of Koli. For this trip, we could combine forest yoga or meditation in Iso-Korppi. The trip lasts until the afternoon, and when we return to Tarina-Aho, afternoon coffee with a sweet treat is offered. Following the afternoon coffee, there is free time, and we will heat the sauna from noon onwards. After the sauna, a fresh dinner consisting of vegetables is offered, after which we retreat to a good night's sleep.

3. Day
National Park Koli
We start the morning with a proper breakfast, after which we pack lunches for the day's visit to Koli.

  • The Best of Koli tour 
    This scenic tour includes Koli’s most famous panoramic views and the highest points in the Koli National Park: Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli and Paha-Koli. From the Koli hills you can admire the vast Lake Pielinen 250 metres below you, the old-growth forests, Kolinuuro gorge and the Lake Herajärvi valley formed by the last glacier. 

    During the tour, your guide tells you interesting facts and stories about Koli, its history, nature and culture, as well as artists who have found inspiration in the Koli hills. You see spectacular views throughout the tour, and you have plenty of time to enjoy them and take photos. Welcome to experience the essence of Koli National Park and discover why Koli is one of the best-loved national landscapes of Finland!
  • Visit at The Koli Nature Centre Ukko 
    The crowning glory of the day is steaming in our large smoke sauna, which we heat for your use in the evening. After the smoke sauna, there is an in-house dinner, where we serve a variety of vegetarian foods, as well as Pielinen(lake) fish, depending on availability. Free program after dinner.

4. Day 
Forest and Herbs

The fourth day on the island begins with a hearty breakfast, after which we move to embrace the surrounding forest. For this day, we have a workshop on wild herbs and plants for foot bath. After Forest trip we have a Karelia pasty workshop and lunch. After lunch there is a free program on the island. In the afternoon, afternoon coffees are again offered either outside or in the Kasino's ballroom, after which we retreat to a hammock resting in the pine trees of the beach. The sauna is available again from about six o'clock onwards, after which we eat a grilled dinner in the hut or in the courtyard.

5. day 
Fishing and yoga

We eat breakfast early, after which we go hiking. We have a program related to fishing for this day. The idea would be that everyone could try fishing with different tools. The reward for fishing would of course be a hand-picked lunch (of course, a reservation for other food due to an unlucky fishing) again communally, either in nature (Iso-Korppi, Hiekkasaari, etc.) or in Tarina-Aho's yard. After the morning program and lunch, there is a rest, after which we eat a light snack before the next excursion into the nature. The second half of the day could be focused, for example, on forest yoga/calm down in nature.

Day 6
City of Joensuu 

In the morning we eat a vegetarian brunch celebrating the harvest season, after which we return to the mainland on a flexible schedule. Transfer to city of Joensuu. The last night of tour is at Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel in the center of Joensuu. Free program after arrived the hotel. 

Day 7
Time to say hei, hei. Have a good trip home.

Price: 1220€/person/ 6 night, 7 days
Includes All services in this travel package / Accommodation, meals and programs, transfer / Person.

Not included in the price: Flights or train tickets.
At additional cost: Airport transfers

Please notice:

  • We advice you to take a travel insurance.
  • We reserve all the rights to change the order of the activities or the content of the program if necessary due to the weather or other conditions.
  • The tour is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility.