A fishing trip in a nightless night at Lake Pielinen

A fishing trip in a nightless night at Lake Pielinen

Rantakatu 8, 75500 Nurmes

Min 1 persons
Max 3 persons

Overnight trolling 9 PM - 6 AM and a midnight meal at the campfire.  Let's go trolling for the night and enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Pielinen. During break we'll prepare dinner from the catch of the day.

Price: 840€/1-3 person.
(incl. guide services, insurances, fishing and rescue supplies, fuel and a dinner)

Everyone attending the fishing trip must provide themselves with the state fisheries management fees.
f needed, I will help with providing this.

The departures mainly start from the harbour of Nurmes . On challenging weathers the starting point is decided according to the situation. In advance with the customer we'll choose the type of fish to catch (zander, pike, trout or salmon) and the type of fishing (jig,  spoon bait or traditional lure fishing)

For the trips it is also possible to purchase food services, which are handled on case-by-case basis.

Lake Pielinen - North Karelia´s major lake
The treeless top of the Ukko-Koli peak overlooks the most well-known national heritage scenery in Finland. The oblong mid-lake area of Lake Pielinen with its string of ridge islands is a feast for the eyes. Anglers will still be in a hurry to climb down, as they spot the flicker of a shadow of a big fish below the surface.

Lake Pielinen, lying between Juuka, Nurmes and Lieksa to the north of the City of Joensuu, is the fourth largest lake in Finland. Lake Pielinen is a diverse fishing destination. While it is an excellent pike and zander lake, it is also home to landlocked salmon and brown trout.

Read more: www.fishinginfinland.fi/lake_pielinen