Slow Active Week With the Beautiful Colors of the Polar Night

Slow Active Week With the Beautiful Colors of the Polar Night

Jokiniementie 62, 71910 Alapitkä

Min 6 persons
Max 14 persons

A Week of Soft Light and Dark Sky on the Polar Night  Season

Finland's early winter at its most authentic  soft light and changing winter darkness, northern lights and the colors of snow or autumn ground cover. Wheather can be dark and chilly, but is also incredibly atmospheric and beautiful. The lights of November and early December create a wonderfully beautiful exhibition of nature’s own art for us, where the sunlight lingering on the horizon is a spectacular sight, and a little different every day. The ‘blue moment’ of the early evening has to be experienced and seen. The beautiful starry sky of a freezing-cold evening is stunning, and if we can also see the magnificent Northern Lights it will be an unforgettable experience. Experience the uniqueness of Finland’s early winter! Enjoy the great local food culture, attractions and unhurried activities for all.

Highlights of the trip:
• Different shades of darkness and polar night
• The easygoing local culture
• The local food culture
• Interesting programmes and places to visit
• Personalised accommodation

A full-service travel package including transportation. Departure point Kuopio airport or railway station.

Group size: 6 to 14 persons
Departures: 26.11.-1.12.2024 


Day 1 | Jokiniemi Matkailu
Welcome to Jokiniemi Matkailu in Alapitkä
Jokiniemen Matkailu is a family-owned rural tourism company far from the hustle and bustle. Jokiniemi is in a great lakeside location close to nature.  Accommodation: In the personalised Lomatalo Haavi holiday home.
Evening sauna

Day 2 | Jokiniemi Matkailu
Time in the forest

  • The programme includes a short walk in the forest, a nap in a hammock and enjoying a snack by an open fire in a Sámi hut. In the hammock, you can relax, listen to the sounds of nature and just be in the moment. The hammocks have underblankets to protect from the cold and breeze below. Outdoor clothes are worn when using the hammocks, but shoes are not worn. Wool socks and a warm blanket are provided.  Everyone is eased into a relaxed state by the sound of wind chimes.  After about an hour, gentle shamanic drumming sounds the wakeup call. A fire will be lit in advance in the hut. The picnic lunch includes soup made from local ingredients, bread, and dessert of sweet bread sticks or other sweet treats and coffee. 

Sauna and outdoor jacuzzi 

Day 3 | Ruukin Tupa 
Breakfast in Jokiniemi
Transport to Ruukin Tupa

  • On the way, visits to Hietaniemi Ranch and Anna’s Darling jewellery shop. You will be hosted by Henri Jauhiainen. Hietaniemi farm is an organic farm in Sonkajärvi, North Savo, that raises highland cattle. During the farm visit, you will get to see an authentic rural environment and a working farm. Highland cattle are an outdoor breed, and they are outdoors literally all year round here. There are also chickens, dogs and horses on the farm, which you can visit to pet. And speaking of horses, the farm is home to Melody, an American miniature horse, one of the smallest breeds in the world. Melody is about 85 cm high. 
  • After the farm visit, on the way to Jyrkkä we stop at Anna’s Darling jewellery shop and boutique. 
    “The Finnish word for gold, kulta, also means ‘darling’. Darling is a Finnish jewellery brand founded in 2012 with a mission to convey emotion through jewellery. We make life a little more meaningful and soulful.  We create more than jewellery.” Anna’s Darling jewellery is designed and made in Sonkajärvi from recycled precious metals.  The jewellery has won international design awards.

The journey continues to Ruukin Tupa

Accommodation in holiday cottages 

  • Evening walk (blast furnace lighting)
    We secretly visit the museum, which is closed in winter. The museum’s courtyard is sparsely lit, but the museum itself is pitch black and it’s freezing inside too. Just a few metres away are the roaring Jyrkänkoski rapids, which do not freeze over even on the coldest days of winter. The roar of the rapids almost completely drowns out the sound of the small amount of passing traffic. 

    The village of Jyrkkä was built around an iron foundry from the 1830s onwards. Now you can see the blast furnace, built in the 1870s and still in its full glory, inside a museum building built around it in the 1990s. The building resembles the original blast furnace shelter.

    We will go together to the closed museum and I will take you to the foot of the massive blast furnace. Soon there is a light click, and the big spotlights flash on and illuminate the furnace. Next, we climb up the steep steps until we are on top of the blast furnace chimney. Here is the museum itself, where we can get a sense of the history of the village of Jyrkkä from the 19th century to the 21st century through pictures.  

Dinner at the cottage from Hietaniemi Ranch’s highland herd 

Day 4 | Ruukin Tupa 
Free time to independent outdoor activities
Soup for lunch 

  • Walking in the heart of winter
    A wonderful way to relax and enjoy nature, which although it never sleeps can be astoundingly quiet in winter. Most of nature is practically hibernating.On a winter moonlit night, we can enjoy a bright starry sky and be enchanted by the Northern Lights, or even hear the howling of a wolf. As the eye gets used to the apparent darkness, we realise that it is not really dark in the forest.

    When the sky is cloudy, walking in the forest has its own charm in an area where there is no light pollution at all. We take headlamps with us just in case, however, so that we can see our way around the forest “in all weathers”. How much light nature gives is out of our hands.

    We listen to the sound of the water in a place where the rapids don’t freeze even in the coldest weather, and we go deeper into the forest to listen to the silence, until we gather materials from nature to light a fire and enjoy the pleasing crackle of it. Somewhere a stream flows and a bird takes flight, but for the most part it’s the sound of our own breathing and the sound of silence.

    Does the forest give us a pristine snowdrift? Is that a lynx following a hare? And are those the tracks of a deer in the snow? We’ll find all this out when we go for a walk in the dark. Depending on snow conditions, we will use snowshoes if necessary.

Sauna (independently in the accommodation)
Dinner at the cottage

Day 5 | Ruukin Tupa 

  • Forest trip
  • We get to watch the hunting dog's skills in the forest. We follow the dog's work in the forest with the help of GPS while sitting on a campfire. The guide tells about Finnish hunting culture and the utilization of game in Finnish food culture.

Lunch in the wilderness
Daytime nap

  • Farewell evening at Jyrkkä
    You’re sure to have a memorable meal and evening, coupled with a generous amount of Finnish sauna culture in the midst of winter. Not forgetting the most important thing of course – being together.There is one thing that always makes time stand still: staring at a campfire and just listening. Add to this the preparation of a meal over an open fire, and the evening gets off to a splendid start. After the meal at the open fire, you can enjoy the warmth of a wood-fired lakeside sauna and try out some authentic Finnish madness – swimming in a hole in the ice! 

    The most fun and exciting moment of the meal is probably when you get to cook pancakes over the campfire yourself. Who gets to enjoy dessert and who misses out? That adds to the excitement of the early evening. What is certain, however, is that you will all be able to enjoy a cup of coffee cooked over an open fire. This is an important part of Finnish wilderness culture, too. 

    The evening is made even more fun with a heated outdoor hot tub. With the combination of a lakeside sauna, an open fire and a hot tub, you can enjoy to the fullest the real Finnish experience of dramatic temperature changes. The bravest among you might even decide to throw themselves in the snow to make a “snow angel”.

Open fire menu
Lakeside sauna – swimming in a hole in the ice – outdoor hot tub

Day 6 | Metsäkartano
Transfer to Wilderness Resort Metsäkartano

  • Welcome to Metsäkartano, your gateway to the pristine wilderness of Finland's Lakeland district! Situated in the heart of Rautavaara, our Wilderness Resort offers a unique opportunity to escape into the tranquil beauty of Finnish nature. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our ancient forests and crystal-clear lakes, where the air is pure, and the silence speaks volumes. Here, amidst the rustling trees and vast horizons, you'll find a profound sense of peace and connection to nature unlike anywhere else.
  • Discover the perfect blend of tranquillity and adventure at Metsäkartano. Whether you seek serene relaxation or exhilarating experiences, our resort offers it all. Engage in self-discovery or bond with loved ones amidst nature's embrace. Enjoy leisurely skiing through snowy landscapes, indulge in the tradition of Finnish Karelian pie baking, and explore the animal prints and stories of the surrounding forest landscapes while sliding with Altai skis. Rejuvenate and reflect on the day's adventures in our Lakeland sauna where flickering flames and fragrant steam offer a moment of pure bliss. For a refreshing thrill, plunge into the invigorating rush of ice swimming, where the icy waters awaken your senses and reveal nature's awe-inspiring wonders.
  • Arrival and Welcome Greeting

Accommodation in Metsäkartano’s Holiday Rooms: Settle in and explore our accommodation facilities, common areas, and all the amenities they offer at your leisure. Relax and soak in the serene beauty of Metsäkartano's surroundings at your own pace.


  • Cross-country Skiing: Embrace the tranquility of the snowy landscape as you glide on your skis, immersing yourself in the serene beauty of nature. Feel the crisp air invigorate your spirit as you find inner peace amidst the tranquil surroundings. With every stride, feel a deep connection to the pristine wilderness surrounding you, a harmony between body and nature.


  • Ice Swimming and Lakeside Sauna: Immerse yourself in the cozy embrace of our lakeside sauna, then brace yourself for an exhilarating dip into the icy waters or crafting snow angels in the powder snow! Feel the rush as your senses awaken, then return to the sauna's comforting warmth, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

Day 7

  • Explore Nature: Guided Altai Skiing Excursion: Slide through the pristine wilderness on our guided Altai skiing excursion. Discover the secrets of the forest types as you follow animal tracks and explore the diverse landscapes of the surrounding area. 
  • A Memorable Snack Lunch around the Peat Hut: Indulge in a unique experience after Altai skiing as you gather around an open fire at the peat hut for a memorable snack lunch.
  • Free Time Before Dinner: Take a moment to relax and prepare for the evening meal.

Dinner with Finnish Flavors and Group Toast: A traditional Finnish menu will be served for dinner. Raise your glass and join us for a heartfelt toast to good times. Don't forget to capture the moment with a group photo to cherish.
Sauna: Enjoy complimentary sauna access in your accommodation. 

Day 8
Breakfast and departure from Metsäkartano

Price: from 2610€ /person / 7 night, 8 days
Singleroom + 40€/day

Price incl. Accommodation in double room, full board, all programs and equipments in a package, transports.

The tour is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. 
We reserve all the rights to change the program if necessary due to weather conditions.
Travelinsurence: not included package. We recommend taking out travel insurance before the trip.