Cycling week in Koli National Park

Cycling week in Koli National Park

Mustalahdentie 27, 81160 Kontiolahti

Min 2 persons
Max 8 persons

Cycling week in Koli National Park

Do you want to experience an unforgettable cycling experience in a wonderful environment? Welcome to cycle to the hearty national landscape of Koli in Pielinen Karjala! This area offers stunning scenery and challenging rolling dirt roads that will make you smile to your lips.
So come and experience in the national landscape of Koli by bicycle. We will take you to places you've never even dreamed of!

Group size 2 – 8 people

1.  Day Arrival date in Kiviniemi
Presentation of the week at the Kiviniemi farm and getting to know the area. In the evening, sauna in the courtyard sauna
and dinner in the main building.

2. Day 
Along the cottage road that winds up from Kiviniemi to the Koli National Park Ryki cape, where we enjoy picnic lunches and the opportunity to swim. The return journey continues along sandy roads Herajärvi's appeal to the castle and Kiviniemi.

  • Cycling 30 km, dirt road 20 km, asphalt 10 km and ascent 393 m.

3. Day.
We leave Kiviniemi towards the tourist area of Koli. We cycle to Ukko-Koli to the heart of the national park We go for a short walk in the park and see Finland
the national landscape. We enjoyed lunch at the nature center Uko. On the way back we like pause at the Piru church, where you can find a rock cave. This is the sum of all the bills towards the end.

  • Cycling 44 km, sand road 41 km, asphalt 3 km and ascent 744 m.

4. Day
We go cycling south of Kiviniemi. We drive along the forest road to Hautajärvi to the porch, where we enjoy lunch and at the same time it is possible to take a dip in the pool.

  • Cycling 63 km, sand road 57 km, asphalt 6 km and ascent 641 m.

5. Day This day would be off the saddle 
Guided activity for 4 hours Kayaking trip to Herajärvi. Herajärvi, located near the Koli National Park, is long,
a beautiful and clear lake. The majesty of the dangers surrounding it, the unique nature and the irregularity of the shoreline gives the lake the characteristics it has always been known for

6. Joensuu day
Transfer to transport to the city of Joensuu. Independent exploration of the city and shopping.
Accommodation in the Karelian-style Lietsu hotel near the city center.

7. Departure date

Price per person from €2200
*The price includes:

- overnight stays in Kiviniemi farm's traditional sheds
- breakfast, lunch and dinner
- daily sauna in the courtyard sauna
- transportation on two excursion days
- equipment for yard games
Additional price:
- sauna ceremony €75/person
- smoke sauna €350
- electric bike €150/bike