Nature, Herbs & Beauty

Nature, Herbs & Beauty

Jouhkolantie 219, 82600 Tohmajärvi

Nature, Herbs & Beauty

A wonderful experiential and new learning week. You will learn how to make, for example, natural cosmetics, nourishing herbal baths and wonderful delicacies straight from nature to your plate. The accommodation is in an idyllic country village in Tohmajärvi, a simple life offered by Itärajan Helme in a traditional Finnish landscape from which a view of the beautiful Tohmajärvi opens. If you want something a little more exotic, you can also stay in a Tentsile tree lodge or a glamping tent. Glamping has increased its popularity among travelers, and no wonder, because it has a unique atmosphere.The hostess of the inn is the lovely German and English speaking Riitta.

The owner of the place, Riitta Okkonen, is a name associated with nutrition counseling and gastronomy in Finland. Her story stretches back to Tohmajärvi in North Karelia, where she started her journey into the restaurant world in 1981. This journey has taken her to many high-quality restaurants in Finland and Central Europe. Riitta is committed to promoting a healthy diet and well-being. In addition to solid nutritional expertise, her work combines decades of experience in the restaurant industry. This combination makes her a respected expert who can provide versatile assistance to both individuals and companies seeking to improve nutrition and health.

Meet Nina, your expert guide to the wonders of nature and wellness in workshops.
With a background in biology, medical laboratory science, natural product refinement, and as a founder of the natural cosmetics brand PURA NORDICA® she brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and passion for the environment to every adventure. Her expertise lies in the development of natural products, ranging from food to cosmetics, and she's particularly adept at incorporating wild herbs into her creations. Join Nina on an adventure tailored to nature lovers and wellness seekers alike. 

Program of the week:


  • Pure nature
  • Local food ja way of live 
  • The opportunity to learn how to use natural raw materials
  • Silence and without hurry tour
  • Interesting trips
  • Sustainable travel

Valid: 10.-17.8.2024 | 17.-24.8.2024
Group size: min 6, max 12 persons
Guidance languages: English, German (Italian and Spanish for an additional fee)

Day 1 |  Arrival to the guesthouse
Dinner and getting to know the program.

Day 2  |  Wild herbs and natural products
• An introduction to the local nature and its wild herbs and other natural products.
• Foraging and processing of herbs.
• Berry picking and coffee break in local forest.
Evening sauna

Day 3 | Food from forest and fields
• Foraging ingredients from nature and preparing a three-course lunch together.
• Menu, for example: Local rye bread with wild herb pesto and cold-smoked salmon, nettle pancakes with lingonberry-spruce sprout jam, cheesecake with blueberry jam and seasonal herbs.
Evening sauna

Day 4 | Natural cosmetics
• Making wonderful bath bombs and exfoliating products in natural cosmetics workshop.
• Learning about different vegetable oils and making a unique facial oil for your own skin type.
• Learning a facial massage routine with facial oil
Evening sauna

Day 5 | Relaxing in nature and sauna
• An introduction to nature's health effects.
• Relaxation exercises in the forest.
• Preparing evenings sauna experience (herbs for foot baths and herbal waters, making birch whisk etc.)
Evening sauna experience by lake.

Day 6 | Excursion day to local artisans
Visit Wood Soul and Onnela 
Wood Soul exhibition you will experience all stages of a tree life from growth to final art piece. Wood Soul Exhibit: Gorgeous Wood Soul exhibit and Onnela with its beautiful environment offer a memorable experience. Unique artworks, atmospheric conference space, smart and kind Samoyed Miska bring aesthetic enjoyment and feeds a creative mind. The house is surrounded by an arboretum, with a large variety of species. The garden spaces are filled with beautiful flowerbeds, a large pond and various sculptures created by international wood artist.
Galleria Savipaja
Galleria Savipaja is a Finnish one-woman handicraft business, which produces decorative and utility items made of clay, such as angels, flower pots, vases, baptism bowls, candlesticks and utility pottery. SAvipaja  is located at the Vasiljala farm in the village of Petravaara, Tohmajärvi near Russian border.
Evening sauna

Day 7 | Kukkakuhhaus festifal
Kukkakuhhaus is a wonderful rural romantic flower festival that attracts people from a wide area.
The event is a wonderful world of flowers full of colors, flower scents and flower species.
Evening sauna

Day 8 | Home
Breakfast. Time to say hei, hei. 

Price: 1500€/person. | 7 nigts, 8 days.
Incl. All inclusive. package accommodation in Guesthouse Itärajan Helmi. Meals according to the program. Nature courses by Pura Nordica.
wood-heated sauna evening sauna every day. Excursions to places to visit. Transports according to the program. You can try sleeping in a tensile and tent for one night if you want.

Travelinsurence: not included package.We recommend taking out travel insurance before the trip