Three National Parks adventure week in Northern Finland

Three National Parks adventure week in Northern Finland

Tölvästie 9, 93280 Syöte

National Parks week in Northern Finland

Nature is full of life at the end of summer in Northern Finland. You can hear this just by listening to the birds singing around you! After an active day, it is more than a pleasure to go to a nice and tidy log cabin room and relax. Enjoying nature continues inside of your accommodation through the windows. Forest, lake, and fell views from the hillside, and observing the forest inside is the easiest way to sense nature around you. Several studies have shown that a person calms down in the forest: Blood pressure drops, stress level decreases and heart rate slows down. Have a good night's sleep surrounded by nature like a healing gift from the forest!

​Old pine forests, fells, and curvy rivers characterize the landscape. There are many lakes with crystal-clear water as well as ridge indentations formed during the last ice age. The week’s program includes both guided activities and those taken of your own initiative – all amid exceptional nature. Come and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in South Lapland!

  • ​Place: Hossa, Syöte, and Oulanka National Parks in Northern Finland
  • Availability: On request 1.6.-19.8.
  • Dates: 1.–8.6., 8.–15.6., 15.–22.6., 3.-10.8., 10.-17.8., 21.-28.9.2024 
  • Meals: Full board. Breakfast, lunch packages, and dinner are included in the price. 
  • ​Accommodation: In log cabin rooms 
  • Groupsize: Min 2, max 16 persons
  • Tour level: Intermediate. Participants are required to have good basic fitness. 

Price: 1650 €/person | 7 nights,  8 days
Price includes: Guide services, accommodation, airport transfers, accommodation in cabin rooms/apartments, transports and activities due to the itinerary, sauna every evening, all the equipment needed for activities
- The price doesn’t include flights.
- Equipment: Participants have their own clothing due to the weather. Please ask for the whole list of equipment after booking.
By an additional cost:  
Supplements: Single room supplement 300 €/week (when available) 
Insurance: We require participants to have their own insurance for outdoor activities in Finland.

1 day: Arrival at Oulu Airport/train station where you meet your guide.
​Two hours transport to Taigalampi cabin near the Syöte National Park. Short briefing, the introduction of people in service, maps, and a program. Safety issues and discussion about sustainable tourism and how you put it into practice during your trip. Sauna, dinner, and accommodation in a Finnish log house in twin/bunk bedrooms.

​2 day: Fat-biking and hiking day in Syöte National Park 
The first active day begins with a complete Finnish breakfast with local delicacies. 
After a short lesson about biking with easy mountain bikes, fat-bikes, you hear about living in the southernmost fell area in Finland and the unique features of nature and area. After the briefing, we start to explore the nature around us. Mountain biking path goes on high sandy esker through the old pine forests and between clear ponds and lakes. Lovely snack at a wooden shelter by a beautiful lake. The circle route takes you back to Syöte Nature Centre. Picnic lunch outside at a wooden shelter close to the Nature Centre.

​Time to explore Finnish nature and its unique features with your local guide by foot. The trail goes in varying terrain. When we get near the gorge, it's best to approach the destination in peace and silence; a few different bird species live in the old forest. A short hiking trip to the highest point of the hill with a view to a bright wilderness lakes and fells. On the hill, we will have a peaceful moment, a short mindfulness-style exercise with the instructor. Snack and drink pause during the hike.

  • ​Transport back to the accommodation.
  • Relaxing sauna and shower is available for you. Swimming possibility in the clear wilderness pond behind the house.
  • Dinner and accommodation in silent cabin rooms.

​Day's biking distance is approx. 19 km and hiking distance approx. 3 - 5 km.

3 day: Cultural hiking trip in Syöte National Park
​Soon after refreshing and tasty breakfast and transport, we arrive starting point of the day's adventure and the cultural day by hiking in beautiful pine forest scenery. It is said that here is the cleanest air in the world.

Tour continues to Rytivaara circular trail. On this trail, we pass beautiful and colorful swamps and small lakes. We'll have a picnic lunch during the route with a lovely forest view. 

Tour continues to footsteps of Finnish tenant farmers, slash-and-burn agriculture, and old wilderness traditions. Coffee break with a tasty local forest berry pie, then a bit more hiking and transport back to the accommodation.

​Day's hiking distance is approximately 10 km in 4 hours.

4 day: Rafting day trip in Oulanka National Park
​​Soon after a refreshing and tasty breakfast, we drive to Oulanka National Park, meet the rafting instructor and start the rafting day from the river shore near the Käylä village. The adventure leads us from the more accessible rapids to a bit more challenging white-water rapids.

​Just be brave, sit in the large rubber raft and enjoy! It's safe and good fun for the whole family! Each raft has a skipper who has been educated as a rafting boat skipper and passed a test. The skipper knows the routes best.

The rafting package includes rafting equipment, all you need for a great and safe experience. The package includes rubber boots, waterproof jackets and trousers, a helmet, and a life vest. During the trip, we will enjoy a tasteful packed lunch, taste Lapland delicacies, and a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. 

  • Transport back to the Syöte to your accommodation where the sauna and dinner are waiting for you.

​​5 day: Husky hiking day in Syöte National Park
​This will be the day in nature with the beautiful huskies in Syöte Hiking Area. After the tasty breakfast meeting your guide and transport to Syötteen Eräpalvelut Husky Farm, where approximately 100 huskies welcome you friendly!

Short introduction and meeting the husky owner family, information about huskies and stories about their life in Syöte National Park area. 
If you love huskies and walking in nature, this day is made for you! Hiking with huskies is more intensive than regular walking. Dogs are pretty eager to pull and study the surroundings. As dogs have much better senses than humans, they also help us see and hear better what is happening around us. On tour, every hiker will get their husky, and your guide will show the path through the forests. Picnic lunch during the day. Feel the friendship with your hairy companion and enjoy the beauty of South Lapland! 

  • ​Transport back to cabin. Dinner, shower, swimming and sauna available. 

​6 day: Bear watching trip in Juntusranta village
​​After a tasty breakfast starts an approximately two-hour journey by car to the east, towards the Russian border to Arola Farm in Juntusranta village. The farm and the village has very interesting history. In the afternoon and evening you'll have an unique opportunity to an great experience, bear and wildlife observing trip!

​It's more than usual that you will see the magnificent brown bear, king of the forest in its territory. Coffee, tea and a snack during the bear watching trip. After visiting the hides, an evening meal and accommodation in Arola farm in twin rooms.

​​7 day: Canoeing/kayaking on the canyon lake in Hossa National Park
​Soon after refreshing and tasty breakfast, drive to Julma-Ölkky Lake in Hossa National Park and for the approx. three-hour paddling trip with canoes and/or kayaks. Julma Ölkky is the largest canyon lake in Finland. A canoeing trip is an excellent way to see one of the most touching places in North-East Finland. During the trip, the guide tells you tales of Finnish ancestors who came here a few thousand years ago after reindeer, elks, and fish.

​Picnic lunch during the day.

​Transport back to Syöte to the cabin. Sauna, shower, and a fairwell dinner together.

​​8 day: Departure day
After a tasty and nutritious breakfast, transfer by car to Oulu Airport.