From Guesthouse to Guesthouse biking tour FAQ

On this page you will find frequently asked questions and answers regarding the biking tour

If you can't find the answer to your question, you can send your question to us via email


1. What time do you have to arrive at Guesthouse Pihlajapuu.

You can arrive at Pihlajapuu at 12:00 am. Recommendation by 18:00. Please let us know your arrival time.

2. Do you have to be in top condition to be able to cycle the entire route?

Normal fitness is enough. The route can be chosen shorter or longer depending on your condition.

3. What are the bikes and bike paths like?

The cycle route runs, as a rule, on gravel-paved village roads. The rental bikes are Hybrid 24-speed bikes from Helkama.

4. Can we get a paper map included?

Unfortunately, you can't get a paper map, but you can download a digital route map to your smartphone here.

5. Are special diets taken into account?

Special diets are taken into account. Please indicate your diet well before the start of the biking tour.

6. How is the route marked, can one get lost?

You will receive information about the route on the evening of the arrival day and the route will also be downloaded to your smartphone.

7. Do I have to bring my own bed linen and towels?

No need to. Bed linen and towels are included in the package. The linen is transported from one inn to another in baggage transport. In each house, you can get clean sauna towels for your use.

8. Do I have to take my own lunch along on the hike?

Packed lunch can be obtained at the inn and are included in the price.

9. What do I need to take along for the biking tour, backpack etc?

If you rent a bike from the organizers, the bike rental includes a bike bag and a helmet. Take your own lunchbox and drinking bottle with you. You can also bring your own bike bag/backpack and helmet. The maintenance of rental bikes is provided by Guesthouse Pihlajapuu, tel. +358 400 877085 /Äksyt Ämmät

10. Do the guesthouses have a sauna drink; beer and cider?

All the other guesthouses have a liquor license, except Laitalan Lomat. There is also a small souvenir shop in the Guesthouses.

11. How does the luggage travel?

Transportation for luggage is arranged between guesthouses.