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TourCert Certification

TourCert has developed its own internationally recognised consultancy and certification system for the tourism sector.

Apart from the TourCert locations in Germany, we are working on expanding the TourCert system to other countries and their needs.

We also work with Preferred Partners who, in their respective countries, see to it that the principles of sustainable tourism gain ground. In this way, our community is growing steadily and increasingly permeates the tourism industry.

We have developed an internationally recognised consultancy and certification system, permeating the entire tourism value chain with regard to sustainability, which can be applied internationally.

The TourCert system is more than just a certification. It is not just about awarding the label as such, but about the entire process and the company’s continuous development on the way to a sustainable future. What matters to us in this regard is “empowerment“, which means building learning structures and being jointly committed to business development. Tourism companies have their own CSR managers trained, who pass their knowledge on to the team and motivate them to act sustainably.

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