Winterfun for families in North Karelia

Winterfun for families in North Karelia

Min 2 persons

Winterfun for families

Welcome to the Finnish winter. This holiday have a lots of winter activities for the whole family in North Karelia. Our Lakeland and the beautiful nature offers everything you need and is worthwhile experiencing! North Karelia s a country of snow and the best time to visit winter wonderland is snowy period from January through March. Welcome!

  • Self Drive tour
  • Availability 1.1.- 31.3.2024
  • Also suitable for couples

1. Day
Arrival in Joensuu.
Accommodation at the Lietsu Hotel.
- Lietsu offer unique and cosy hotel accommodation with Karelian hospitality. Hotel is located in Joensuu city centre, in Eastern Finland, where you can easily enjoy both town life and outdoor activities. 

2. Day
Visiting Selkie Green care -  idyllic petting zoo
- You can find our idyllic petting zoo in the village of Selkie, which is a nationally valued landscape area. The old 1800s countryside milieu in a unique fell landscape and our funny four-legged colleagues provide the opportunity to experience unique moments of joy, care and sense of belonging. 

Family visits excursion days for all ages provide visitors with a good mood and experiences of success. Each visit is always an adventure of its own, and a surprise factor is offered by the mischief arranged by our furry friends. A visit to Selkie’s countryside village is a rush-free and relaxing moment to spend time together. The calming atmosphere of the countryside house and the activities with the animals provide an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. During the visit, the animals are looked after by caring, feeding and exercising them.
- Accommodation at Hotel Lietsu.

3. Day
Husky safari and Winter fun with huskies
- Private Husky Safari tour. 
The tour takes ca. 45 minutes, and total duraton of the program is 2 hours. On this tour adults will share a sled together 2 per sled, and the children will be joining the tour on the guides’ sleds. After the tour we will enjoy openfire snacks, warm drinks and cookies in the kota around campfire. 
- Driving to Koli
- Accommodation at Hotel Koli Kylä

4. Day
Koli - National Park and Finland's most famous national landscape
- Guided tour: Discover the Beauty of Koli National Park
This scenic tour includes Koli National Park’s most famous panoramic views and highest points: Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli and Paha-Koli. During the tour, your guide tells interesting facts and stories about Koli, its history, nature, and culture, as well as artists who have found inspiration in the Koli hills. You see spectacular views throughout the tour, and you have plenty of time to enjoy them and take photos. Welcome to discover Koli National Park with us!
- Visiting Nature Centre Ukko 
- Accommodation at Hotel Koli Kylä

5. Day
 - Visit Alpaca Farm at Ylikylä village in Nurmes.
Getting to know city of Nurmes and Guided Photoshoot trip in the Old town. Duration 2 h.
Let a professional photographer take beautiful photos of you in the Old Town of Nurmes. The photographer guides you to take great pictures too, from the best shooting locations. You will receive 8 edited professional quality photos to your email.
Accommodation Bomba Spa hotel 
- Saunas and Spa

6. Day
Visit guesthouse and have a snowshoe trip to forest and Karelian pasty workshop.
Lunch in guesthouse.
Accommodation Bomba Spa hotel 
- Saunas and Spa

7. Day
Time to say bye, bye and hei, hei:

Price: 1390€/adults, 1090€/children 4 -14 years |  6 nights, 7 days.
Price incl.: 
Joensuu:  Accommodation/Hotel Lietsu, breakfast. Fishing trip. Zoo
Koli:​ Accommodation/Hotel Koli Kylä, Guided tour/Koli hills, Nature centre Ukko, Husky safari
Nurmes:Accommodation Bomba Spa hotel, Spa, Alpaca Farm visit, Guided Photoshoot trip, Karelian pasty workshop and lunch.

Learn more: 
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