Karelian Sauna Tour in Finland

Karelian Sauna Tour in Finland

Smoke sauna
Karjalan Helmi
Smoke sauna
Karjalan Helmi

Old Finnish expressions of the importance of sauna:
”if alcohol, tar and sauna do not help, the disease will lead to your death.”
”The sauna is the pharmacy of a poor man.”

The mysterious Finnish sauna goes back thousand years in the history. Today there is one sauna for two Finns in the country. There are only few rules how to behave in the sauna. You'll hear more of them by visiting several different saunas in North Karelia.

It is estimated that there has been saunas in Finland already many thousands year.

One reason the sauna culture has always prospered in Finland has been because of the many functions of the sauna. When people were moving, the first thing they did was to build a sauna. Finns would use the sauna to live in, eat and most importantly, give birth in an almost sterile environment. Sauna is a hygienic place. Another reason for its popularity is that in such a cold climate, the sauna allows people warmth for at least a short period of time. However, it is just as popular in the summer as in the winter.

Our sauna tour periods are in the summer but if you are interested in getting to know the Finnish sauna culture in winter, please contact us and we make an offer of Exotic Karelian Sauna Tour in Winter!

What are the feelings you'll get during the exotic moments in the Finnish Sauna? Would you like to hear how the burning wood crackles in the oven, to look the sunset through the window at the glittering water and on the wavering birch leaves, feel the scent of the vasta (a bunch of birch leaves) circulating around you.

An exclusive Karelian Sauna Tour leads you through North Karelia to get to know the best of Finnish sauna experience.

Four accommodation places; holiday cottages, guesthouses, and a hotel, 7 nights, different saunas (lakeside sauna, riverside sauna, smoke sauna and ground sauna. You also have the possibility to do all kind of summer activities like fishing, rowing, canoeing and hiking. The accommodation places offer delicious, local hand-made food with the taste of fresh herbs and berries.

Every day: Breakfast at 9 o’clock. Snack or picnic lunch at about 14 o’clock. Sauna at about 17-19 and dinner at 19 o’clock.

Dates in 2021:

Dates in 2022:

Group size: 2-12 persons

Price: 1495 €/person/ 7 nights​, 8 days

Ask for the price of a self-drive sauna tour!

The price includes transfers, accommodation in double room, full board, programme as mentioned below. (Self-drive tour, no transfers included).

Ask for the dates for your group!

Day 1

Arrival at Joensuu airport or railway station. Welcome in North Karelia! Transfer by taxi to the holiday village of Karjalan Helmi. Getting to know the area and the fellow-travellers. Dinner and information of the traditional Finnish sauna with the visit in a cottage sauna close to the lake shore. Cosy accommodation at Holiday village Karjalan Helmi.

Day 2

Fishing on the lake or rowing/canoeing tour around the islands close to the Manor House. Lunch, fish/meat soup with home made breads and berry dessert.  Walking on the forest, 6 km.

Sauna and dinner. Accommodation at Karjalan Helmi.

Day 3

Transfer to Möhkön Rajakartano in Ilomantsi (about 1,5 hours). Welcome in Hotel Rajakartano, lunch; vegetable hot pot.  History of the easternmost Hotel in Finland (only 2 km to the Russian border).

Sauna stories before going in to the wooden heated riverside sauna.

Countryside gourmet -dinner. Accommodation in apartments at Apartment Hotel Rajakartano.

Day 4
Forest yoga and relaxation. Lunch, soup á la Maison (with lamb meet). In the afternoon a walking tour in Möhko village (incl. visit to the ironworks museum and historical Finnish Winter War places.

Taking part in the heating of a traditional smoke sauna. Traditional Karelian Dinner. Smoke sauna evening. Accommodation at Rajakartano.

Day 5
Transfer from Rajakartano to Guesthouse Pihlajapuu via the town of Lieksa (on the way visit to the Eva Ryynänen museum, church and atelier in Paateri. Mrs Ryynänen was a famous Finnish wood sculptor). Transfer time 2,5 hours + Paateri visit 2 hours. Lunch in Herranniemi restaurant. Arrival at Pihlajapuu. Wooden heated sauna at Pihlajapuu. Dinner. Accommodation at Guesthouse Pihlajapuu.

Day 6

Canoeing tour on the lake. Ground sauna of Koivikkola. Glow-fried salmon for dinner in the traditional kota of Koivikkola. Accommodation at Guesthouse Pihlajapuu.

Day 7

Transfer to Koli National Park (1 hour). Best of Koli -hiking tour in the national park (2 hours). Lunch at Alamaja Restaurant. Summer Koliday tour to the Korven Kota smokesauna. (15 min driving time from Koli National Park). Farewell Dinner at Korven Kota.
Accommodation at Break Sokos Hotel Koli.

Day 8

Transfer to the airport Joensuu or to the railway station (1 hour). Time to say hei hei!

Take a look at the route on Google Maps!

More information:
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1495 €/person/ 7 nights​, 8 days

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