Silent moments - a week in Karelia

Silent moments - a week in Karelia

Salmenkyläntie 81, 75500 Nurmes

Min 8 persons
Max 12 persons
Dining possibility
Guided tour

Three days in the North Karelia’s easternmost guesthouse in Möhkö, near wild Koitajoki border river.  Three days in Northern Saimaa lake district in newly built Karelian style cottage in the midst of forest. The trip includes half a day in the main centre of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, the capital of North Karelia. The climax of the week is a trip to Koli National Park, the home of Finland’s most loved National Landscape with amazing Lakeland views.

Group size: 3 to 12 participants

Season: throughout the year except for summer and New Year.

Duration: 7 days (6 nights) for instance Saturday to Friday or Friday to Thursday in North Karelia and + 1 day free time in Helsinki.

Price: 1660 €/person/6 nights, 7 days

Period 2020:

22.-28.2., 28.3-3.4., 18.-24.4., 19.-25.9., 17.-23.10.

The price includes:  Accommodation in North Karelia (Villa Raita and Guesthouse Rajakartano) in double rooms, meals (regional, organic food, vegetarian meals, fish). Guided programme, sauna. Use of Nature Trail of Silence throughout the year.  Transport from and to Joensuu. Not include: Flights or trains. Accommodation in Helsinki.

Equipment required: comfortable home wear, weather-proof outer wear, be prepared for colder weather, walking boots.

Condition required: regular condition.

You will be staying at: Villa Raita and Guesthouse Rajakartano.

Guesthouse Rajakartano
Rajakartano is an individualistic manor house in Ilomantsi. The location near the eastern border zone by the beautiful Koitajoki river makes it an unforgettable experience. Rowing with the wooden boat you feel the mystery of the wildness in a breathtaking scenery.

Villa Raita
How would you like a holiday on an amazingly beautiful island in northern Saimaa lake district, staying in a newly built, Karelian-style cottage in the midst of old trees that gives you space for thoughts, relaxation and reinvigoration?

Day 1 (or Day 4 if You start from Rajakartano) Arrive at Raita by 18 hours

18 hours            Non-alcoholic welcome drink, introduction to know the cottage. Blackcurrant leaf spritz

19 hours            Little tour of the island on foot / on the frozen lake in wintertime. The lake freezes over around December, and the ice melts in early May.  Sauna (and a dip into the lake)

20.30 hours      Dinner by the wood burner. Forest mushroom pie or freshwater fish pie, green salad and lingonberry. Dessert made of regional soft fruit.

The story of Suursaari island and Raita cottage

Silent Kantele: Listen to the Finnish national instrument, Kantele

 Day 2 (or Day 5)

7 hours              Listen and feel the nature, ½ hour session. Opportunity for a dip into cold lake water

9 hours              Cooking and enjoying breakfast together. Raita breakfast: porridge, soft forest fruit, Natural yoghurt, muesli. Organic eggs from near-by farm. Carrot or nettle rolls. Local rye bread. Herb spread, cheeses. Cucumber, tomato. Blackcurrant squash, water, milk, sour milk. Coffee and tea.

10.30 hours      Trip to private nature protection area/walk on the frozen lake. Listen to the trees in the forest. Climbing up to campfire site.

12.30 hours      Snack outdoors. Making fire, making coffee and tea on the open fire. Barbeque (sausages, vegetarian option). Sausages with mustard and ketchup. Rye bread sandwiches. Traditional wheat pastry.

Walk along the nature trail, forest track, on the frozen lake (kick-sled, snow-shoes, cross-country skis). Squash/tea/coffee stop

18 hours            Evening meal. Freshwater fish, boiled potatoes with dill. Vegetables. Cream-nettle sauce. Green salad. Lingonberry quark dessert

SAUNA (with dip into the lake) and herb bath for your feet. Ingredients from the forest.

20 hours            Images of nature, herbs, folklore.

21 hours            Campfire under the starry sky. Tea, rusk

Day 3 (or Day 6)

7 hours              Listen and feel the nature, ½ hour session.  Opportunity for a dip into cold lake water

9 hours              Cooking and enjoying breakfast together. Visit to a protected tree where ospreys have nested. Walk along forest track or on the frozen lake (kick-sled, snow-shoes, cross-country skis)

13 hours            Vegetable-tomato soup, Karelian pastries with egg butter. Nap.

15 hours            Visit and walk around the village hall. Coffee/tee and pastry

19 hours            Evening meal.Vegetable gratin, beetroot with blue cheese and honey, grated fresh vegetables. Tea and soft fruit pastry

SAUNA – energy from birch leaves


Day 4                  JOENSUU and transfer to Möhkö

7 hours              Morning walk, meditation in the forest

9 hours              Cooking and enjoying breakfast together.

10 hours            Leave for Joensuu Visit of wooden church in Rääkkylä, learn about Kihaus Folk Music Festival. Opportunity to buy local handicraft objects and souvenirs.

13 hours            Joensuu, lunch at Taitokortteli crafts centre., Free time in Joensuu

16.30 hours      Departure for Möhkö

Day 4 (or Day 1) Arriving at Rajakartano

Arrive at Rajakartano by 18 hours

18 hours            Non-alcoholic welcome drink, snack. Introduction to know the guesthouse Rajakartano.

19 hours           Evening walk in the village. Sauna

20.30 hours      Dinner by the wood burner. ”Möhköläinen”, mushroom or fish hidden into the potatoe, vegetables

The story of Rajakartano. Hostess Elvi Lemmetyinen.

Day 5 (or Day 2)

7 hours              Morning walk on the forest path.

9 hours              Cooking and enjoying breakfast together. Oat porridge with soft forest fruit or fruit from own garden or fruit soup. Natural yoghurt, soft fruits, muesli. Organic eggs from near-by farm. Spelt and rye breads from Rajakartano, Karelian pies. Herb spread, butter, cheeses and fish (smoked or pickled raw fish). Squash, water, milk. Coffee and tea, spelt bun.

 10 hours            Departure for Petkeljärvi National Park. Marked trails, partially restored battle structures dating back to the Second World War. During summertime walking – during winter snow shoeing.

13 hours            Lunch in Petkeljärvi (summer time), winter in Rajakartano

18 hours            Evening meal. Smoke fish according to Ahti (god of the depths, giver of fish). Potatoe – root vegetable squash.                          Warm vegetables, mushroom sauce, tomatoe salad. Dessert from berries with cream or

20 hours            Sauna

Story telling in open fire log shelter or on the balcony. Tee, rusk.

Day 6 (or Day 3)

8 hours              Morning walk on the forest path.

9 hours              Cooking and enjoying breakfast together.

10.30 hours       Visiting Ruukkimuseo, the lively and picturesque old Karelian village of Möhkö near the park. The colourful history of the area during World War Two is also of interest.

12.30 hours      Nap. Picknic lunch. Tee/coffee with quark pie

15 hours            Visiting Arboretum on the opposite side of Koitajoki river.

18 hours            Evening meal

20 hours            Live Music singing or playing. Your own silence.

Day 7                  Koli, National Park

7 hours              Morning walk

8.30  hours       Cooking and enjoying breakfast together.

9.30 hours        Departure for Joensuu and Koli

11 hours            Meeting the Raita/Rajakartano-group in Joensuu and departure for Koli 12 hours.  Koli National Park and Finland’s most loved National Landscape. `The immediate impact of these views is scarcely so powerful at any other season as in autumn when Koli is dressed in brilliant colours unequalled elsewhere’ The words are from Famous Finnish photographer I. K.Inha. Koli Guide

The Koli is worth of visiting on all seasons!

Koli National Park

13 hours            Shopping and lunch. Taste of Koli.

15.30 hours      Leaving for Joensuu. Flight or train to Helsinki. Thank you for visiting us. Hei hei!

Flight at 17.45. Train at 18.17

Changes possible.

For additional fee in Raita:

– Kantele workshop at Raita – interactive kantele concert with your contribution!

Kantele is a traditional instrument with a lovely sound, even for beginners.

55 euros p. p. Minimum 4 participants.

– Arts workshop at Raita. Make your own piece of art as a memento of your wilderness break. 45 euros p. p. Minimum 4 participants.

– Mini retreat 70 – 150 euros/p.p.

Additional days from 160 euros upwards per day

Transport for four from Joensuu (about 64 km): 150 to 200 euros

Nearest airport: Joensuu. Railway stations: Kitee and Joensuu. Busses: Rääkkylä (20 km), Liperi (40 km) Taxi. Please enquire about transport.

For additional fee in Rajakartano:

-Mystic drumming session

40 euros p. p. Minimum 4 participants.

– Karelian pies workshop

30 euros p. p. Minimum 4 participants.

-mini retreat 50 eur/pp. Minimum 4 participants.

Additional days from 90 eur/p.p./day, half pension.

Northern Saimaa Raita on Suursaari Island is a part of Islands of Northern Lake Saimaa. On the west coast of Varpasalo Island. Island villages full of life. Varpasalo and Oravisalo are the two main islands of northern Lake Saimaa in the region of North Karelia eastern Finland. These villages of lake islands are known not only for their strong folk music tradition, but also for the beautiful natural lake surroundings. The Islands have very active village communities and the people are proud of their heritage.
Rajakartano is situated in Ilomantsi, Möhkö village. Möhkö -Nature, culture and history in the easternmost corner of Finland. Finland’s easternmost village Möhkö is located in Ilomantsi, close to the border of Russia. Möhkö’s best resources are its local strengths, diverse history, clean nature and the regional culture.

1660 €/person/6 nights, 7 days

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