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It's Time for Narure Adventure  
Discover the best Hiking trails in North Karelia with us. We offer perfectly organised and looked after nature holidays. Our guided tours offer pure nature, silence and walking in no hurry. 

  • We know the best paths and places.
  • Our guided hiking tours guarantee culinary delights and local food.
  • Hiking holidays are flexible: there is always room for flexibility and some short-term exciting changes. 
  • To small privet groups

Self-Drive tour to the pure nature in North Karelia

495€/person /4 nights, 5 days Welcome to enjoy hiking in National Park Koli and Wildlife watching tour
1-5 persons

The Best of Koli

National Park Koli
1-8 persons

Welcome to enjoy hiking in pristine nature at National Park Koli, Hiidenportti and Tiilikkajärvi

700€/person/4 nights, 5 days Welcome to enjoy hiking in pure nature, National Parks Koli, Hiidenportti and Tiilikkajärvi
2-12 persons
Age limit 12


NEW! Full-service hike to Eastern Finnish nature to witness its incredible beauty and hidden gems.
8-14 persons

Explore the Hills of Koli

Welcome to enjoy the Koli national landscape!
10-50 persons

Tour of Koli Gorge

This tour leads you to the deep forests and high hills of Koli to feel and experience the nature of Koli...
2-8 persons