Feeling of being comfortable, healthy and happiness

Discover Finnish wellbeing, spirit of nature and slowness. Take your time and enjoy and slow down your pulse.

Traditional Finnish sauna evening

Traditional Finnish sauna evening excursion
35€/adults, 15€ Children 4-12 years

A nature and wellness holiday in Koli National Park

NEW! Let's make best summer memories on the island of Tarina-Aho

Sleep well and recover from stress

Are you stressed and exhausted?

Just hanging out - A night of forest bathing

Become one with nature, feel how the wind blows, experience what a dewdrop feels like on your skin, taste the sunset!

Guesthouse to Guesthouse Karelia à la carte Sauna Tour

From Guesthouse to Guesthouse sauna adventure with delicacies

Shamanic retreat in North Karelia

The silence and simplicity of being bring deeply relazing way of nurturing your body, mind, and soul. Connect with the essence of North Karelia.